How Will the Future Come?


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Date: 24 February 2024 Hours:10:00 - 17:00 Location: İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi

    What is Health 5.0 ?

    Health 5.0 is the use of applications such as e-medicine, telemedicine, mobile health, digital hospital, robotic health, big data and artificial intelligence in health services.

    Why Health 5.0 ?

    • Treatments get personal.
    • People's awareness and sensitivity about their health is increasing.
    • Resource savings and costs become critical.
    • Industry 5.0 allows the development of personal devices for patients.
    • Medical technology is on its way to becoming a growing industry.

    The Purpose of the Health 5.0 Summit

    • Bringing medicine, health, technology and business together.
    • Understand the Industry 5.0 and health 5.0 developments.
    • To create social awareness on Health 5.0.
    • To create a vision about present and future problems and solutions.


    • Prof. Dr. Süleyman Kaynak

      President of Izmir Medical Chamber - Founder of Retina Eye Center
    • Doç. Dr. İlter Denizoğlu

      ENT Specialist; Voice Diseases, Voice Surgery, Voice Therapy, Singing Therapy Specialist, Founder of Izmir Vocology Center
    • Prof. Dr. Görsev Yener

      Neurology Specialist - Izmir University of Economics
    • Doç. Dr. Osman Elbek

      Süreyyapaşa Chest Diseases and Thoracic Surgery EAH; Chest Diseases Specialist, TTB UDEK Board Member.
    • Prof. Dr. Oğuz Kılınç

      IEU; Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis Specialist, Thoracic Association Member
    • Büşranur Berrak

      Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine Student HIASD Public Relations, Promotion and Social Media Responsible
    • Prof. Dr. Bülent Kıran

      Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy; Head of the Department of Pharmacy Management
    • Belkıs Aysu Özbek

      Ege University Faculty of Medicine Student; HIASD Vice President










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      Edited by: HİASD *

      * Turkish Emergency Medicine Association for All

      Turkish Emergency Medicine Association for all (HİASD) aims bir to gather all institutions, organizations and individuals working in the fields of First Aid, Pre-Hospital Emergency Health Services, Emergency Medicine, Disaster Medicine within the Emergency Medicine System under a common roof, to carry out scientific studies and initiatives and thus to ensure that our people may get the highest quality emergency health service.

      Its vision is to set an example for the World Emergency Medicine with its scientific studies in Turkey.